Top Down Battlemap using UDK (Unreal3 Engine)

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Top Down Battlemap using UDK (Unreal3 Engine)

Post by Telarus »

Hey, everybody. I thought the MapTools community would appreciate this guy's setup.

Real-time lighting, animation and effects using UDK (Unreal3) through a top-down projector setup:

Creature Tokens in the UI layer:

Session Game-Play:

I'm adapting some of his code into an overland Atlas "hexcrawl" style... Pretty cool stuff.

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Re: Top Down Battlemap using UDK (Unreal3 Engine)

Post by JonathanTheBlack »

feces like this made by "amateurs" as a hobby makes me wonder how in the hell that WotC can never get anything close to this quality.

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Re: Top Down Battlemap using UDK (Unreal3 Engine)

Post by Natha »

Looks good !

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Re: Top Down Battlemap using UDK (Unreal3 Engine)

Post by Hawke »

Looks pretty awesome... I always wonder why WotC can't just ditch their paid developers and find some guys like this and incentivize it a bit to get a working creation up and running. The motivation of some guy who loves the game and loves programming stuff like this will always outdo finding some company that does generic computer work for X an hour or however they decide to bill it.

I run into the same stuff at work all the time, we pay contractors 5-10 times what they're really "worth" on projects sometimes I feel like I could just jump in and do myself if I had the time/bandwidth and wasn't busy with my other tasks - and I'm a hobbiest when it comes to web programming.

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