Looking for help on completeing project

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Looking for help on completeing project

Post by Sydious »

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but I figured I would start here.

I have spent the last 1.5 months learning maptool coding and working on recreating the classic boardgame Dungeon Quest using maptool.

I have had many ups and downs tryin to accomplish this. I have all the images I need for the game and some dialog screens set up. I get bogged down in development due to troubleshooting my code and learning as I go.

I am giving a callout to the community for anyone who would be interested in helping me complete this project. I would like to work on this project with someone who has some more experience with Maptool.

I just recently started setting up a website to help track and present this project to others. I also have a forum set up for the wedsite.

If anyone would be interested in joining me on completing this project please let me know. I could sure use the help.

The ultimate goal is to create a 1-4 player version of Dungeon Quest using Maptool.

Contact me for more details by either posting here or emailing me at [email protected]com

Does this peak anyone's intrest?

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