cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

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cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

Post by xTimx »

so the situation is that two of my friends have Win 8.1, they both DLed Maptools and unzipped it with WinRaR. now they are unable to open the program and i'm unable to find a solution. please help? has anyone else have this problem?

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Re: cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

Post by Netsky »

did they set the permission to run the file?

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Re: cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

Post by aliasmask »

They should download java 7 because java is needed to run jar files. When done, run the launcherXXX.jar file.

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Re: cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

Post by username »

Occasionally an overzealous archiver decides to handle jar files (instead of letting java do that) as jar files are glorified zip-files. So if you install such an archiver *after* installing java, you need to fix the "default handler".

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Re: cant open .Jar files on windows 8.1

Post by TheDuck »

Has the Windows 8.1 machine got Java 8 installed?

If so that may be the problem. I have just hit that same issue.

I was attempting to use the online instance only to find that Java 8 blocks the use of self-signed applications even when the site is added to the Exceptions list for Java security. :evil:
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