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DriveThru RPG

Post by qcgreywolf »

Ugh, really? I am surprised they let that spam post up here. I mostly regret ever ordering from them. I got a great deal on a bunch of third party rando-tables for Love you DM Day, but now I get endless streams of spam about exciting 'related' products. No amount of unsubscribing seems to help, they always come back a month or two down the line with something New and Exciting!!11!1. Sigh.

Perhaps one day I'll adjust and adapt to an online life completely saturated with advertising.

Maybe sticky one thread for them so they can post the newest offers at the end of that thread? Instead of pages of posts by them that I have to sift through to find non-ad resources?

Sorry if I seem harsh... I suppose I am extremely grateful he only posts in this thread.
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Re: DriveThru RPG

Post by Jagged »

Can't say I have any problem with them

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Re: DriveThru RPG

Post by wolph42 »

nope, me neither. Their products are related, so they're allowed to post here (not spam, but they don't). And as for the unsubscribe. If that doesn't work, just add them to a filter so their mail goes straight to the bin.

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