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Object information

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I am curious what everyone does within the Notes areas for their objects.

In the player notes i give a brief general description of the object.

In the GM Notes I have a detailed list. The below is an example of a wooden barrel, but all the categories and options are there for each object I put in the game so that I may use them where ever I wish and not forget something.

Code: Select all

Locked: Unlocked
--Pick Lock: 0
--Bash: 3 (triggers trap)

Hidden: no
--Find Hidden: 0 (Search:x2  Observation:x4)

Trapped: yes
--Find Hidden: 7 (Search:x2  Observation: x4)
--Disarm (Sleight of Hand): 6 (fail: triggers)
--Effect: Electricity
--Damage: x2
--Save: none

Treasure: Fresh Water

I guess I am curious if you do it differently, or if you have more than this and I am missing something.

Thanks for all input!

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