full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

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full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

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hi all

i want a full list of abilities and powers that the seven Septs of the Dwarves rings have
or i should say for the seven dwarven rings of powers
From the lore of my own (homebrewed) world: The Septstones.

In my world, there are seven Septs of the Dwarves (great underground city-states, each with their own culture), based on gemstones (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz, Amethyst and Opal (plus the


Obsidian Sept, but that's for Duergar)).

The Septstones basically are just symbols of power. They are rings worn by the Thanes of the Septs, the [elected among the same bloodline] leaders of each Sept. Each is a potent magical ring (major artifact level), but what makes them important to the dwarves is what they represent.dition

i want full background on these rings and full list of each rings abilities
for d&d 3.5 e or 4th edition or 5th edition and for rolemaster editions as well thanks and any other info available thanks
if no body can find any info
can anybody please put together the powers and abilities and full background and info these rings have

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Re: full list of powers for the seven dwarven rings of power

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According to the link above, greater lifespan, wealth accumulation, and greed.
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