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Instant RPG rule

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Instant RPG. by Mark Ainsworth ref140867
the idea behind these rules is to give an example of instant stats for PC & NPCs monsters etc... by rolling a bunch of differrent colored D6s to represent all the stats(each stat is a color D6), so you can roll & have a complete set of stats for any charactor or monster etc... I found that playing solo games meant creating char sheets for everything, it made solo gaming very paper intensive. Imagine a game where you bump into 3 skeletons and a snake, well just roll a set of D6s for each, you get a full set of stats with no paperwork.

the D6s you roll are left on the table while the charactor is relavant, this allows you to reduce or increase stats by rotating the D6s. player charactors may have a set of extra D6s as modifiers.

this set of rules assumes you have a good understanding of RPG mechanics like D&D etc.. where the charactors have stas for each charactor for INT CHA STR etc...

its a simple idea, but may not be obvious to everyone

The D6 Stats
Im using a D6 system for stats, but any type of dice can be used if you get enough differrent colors, Im being practical as most people can get hold of D6s in many colors.

the colors dont matter, they just have to be differrent

strength STR = 3 red D6
dexsterity DEX = 3 blue D6
inteligence INT = 3 white D6
wisdom WIZ = 3 black D6
charisma CHA = 3 yellow D6

Health Hit Points = 1 Green D6
Saving Throw = 2 orange D6
Armor class = 2 creamm D6

so you roll all 8 D6s to get a set of stats for any NPC, BUT you can use any number of D6s to represent the stats, depends on the system, Im loosly giving a D&D set of stats, but dont take it to litraly its an example

I suggest you use a generic list of skills for each type of charactor, have 6 sets of generic skills per monster & roll a D6 for the one used, and keep the d6 on the table, this sounds like paperwork BUT it only has to be done once , then its used for every game you play.

spells & equipment
for spells do the same as you did in skills, leave the D6 on the table

charector sheets
now you hopefully understand the idea, you can create a charactor sheet from D6s layed on the sheet in an area that can be a referrence to the generic list of stats skill spells etc... if you use a sheet you only need one color of D6, but you will have to roll one D6 at a time, I still recoment differrent colors so its quick to roll a charactor.

this whole rule system is to allow solo play, I just was so put off having to create a sheet for every charactor I used, I wanted dynamic, not a generic charactor for every type of NPC, this method give random stats for everything, and works well, I should write the generic lists on a computer.

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