Vision and Individual FoW

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Vision and Individual FoW

Post by ZickZak »

I'like the individual FoW option, but if I can see character with a light and that character is moving, he should reveal FoW for everyone who sees them.
The way it works right now is that when a different token (not the one I am targetting) moves, it doesn't reveal FoW. When they're done moving, I have to press CTRL+I to reveal their current location, but not the path they moved through.

Moving my own token works well.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you

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Re: Vision and Individual FoW

Post by aliasmask »

Could be a bug depending on your settings.

I just tested it out. A Fow change from Token 1 doesn't update Token 2 until Token 2 is moved.

I think this is perhaps an oversight since some of the recent changes in how data is sent to the clients.

For now, you can just Move Token 2 in place to see the updated exposed areas by light sources.

I do see there is an issue set up for this (

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