Game Table using Map Tool?

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Game Table using Map Tool?

Post by JamesLucas »

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the new game table that my group is using.

It has an inset display screen for the players (covered by a 1/4" sheet of tinted, tempered glass). We sometimes use digital minis for epic battles on huge playing fields, but most of the time we're using physical minis and dice.

I've been using MapTool for years and I love it. I run two instances of the program on the same computer, one as the "Server" and one connected to it as the player. The smaller monitor in the picture is the DM screen and the large display is the player screen. It works great!

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Re: Game Table using Map Tool?

Post by metatheurgist »

Must be Theater of the Mind. I can see it already. :wink:

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