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Community Challenge - Gender diversity adventuring

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:39 pm
by VagariesOfFate
Hello all,

I'll be posting a couple of ideas for ways the community can help advance MapTool and the RPG genre in general and this is the first.

The challenge -

Create a MapTool module/adventure/whatever for your preferred system(s) that challenges the standard misogyny and gender diversity biases in RPG Gaming.

Themes could be based on sexual orientation, body dysmorphia, gender diversity or anything else that seems appropriate.

All submissions must be OGL/SRD/whatever compliant. If your content is all original or arrangements have been made with co-authors and you would be interested in having it published to raise money to support MapTool and other accessible gaming initiatives, please note that with the submission.

All submissions should be playtested under 1.8.5 or the current version.

As a possible device I would like to suggest the creation of a gender morphic race within your adventure setting. In the version I am working on, all children are born neuter and after puberty can consciously choose to morph into any of the 3 genders over a period of months.

Let's hear your thoughts and hopefully get your submissions :)

Submitted adventures will be gathered under 3 categories:

FF - Fabulous Fantasy - Adventures exploring the lighter side of gender diversity. Tuck your Tropes and Drag your Dungeons.

DE - Diversity Education - Adventures designed to introduce issues around Gender and sexual diversity to players and GMs in an informative and sensitive way

DA - Diversity Adventuring - Adventures including gender and sexually diverse characters incorporated as a fluid part of the game and campaign world.