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We're swiftly approaching the epic conclusion of our campaign. You know what the stakes are and have a pretty good idea about what awaits you. Now is the time to start thinking about an epilogue for your character. What does your character do after the events of the campaign? How does history remember your character? What is his/her/its legacy? Using the "immortality" section of your epic destiny is a great place to start, but it's up to you to make it meaningful for you and your character. It can be as long or short as you like, but 2-3 paragraphs seems like a good target. Have something written up by the end of the month so you'll be ready when the time comes. You don't need to send it to me, but you're welcome to do so.

While you're thinking about it, I'd like to get some feedback as well. In particular, I'd like to know things like:

  • Which adventures did you really enjoy?
  • When did you really come to like your character?
  • How did your character change from how you originally envisioned it?
  • What were some of your favorite moments in the campaign?
  • If you were to make a highlight reel for your character, what would be on it?
  • What was something cool or interesting about the other characters?

You don't need to limit yourself to these questions though; feel free to comment on anything you liked (or didn't like) about the campaign. I'll be chipping in too, but I don't want my comments to color your answers.

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Re: Homework

Post by Sean_Mc »

Karch's epilogue will be sent to Mike when I finish with it, since I'm not exactly sure how it's going to be used.

As for the general campaign questions, bullet points are easiest to deal with, so I'm gonna go that route.

Which adventures did you really enjoy?
Maybe because it's fresh in my mind, but the leadup to the final chapter seemed to kick the whole campaign into high gear. The story of Amyria's "for the greater good" sacrifice being told as a race against time really helped give a sense of urgency. Each rest actually involved a decision of whether or not we/she could afford to take it. Combat is great, and RP is fine too, but that series really hit on what I think is my favorite style - combat, but with a clear story purpose.

When did you really come to like your character?
I clearly remember the first moment when I said "Hey, I'm gonna like this guy...," although I may have some details mixed up. There was a village that we had to get into the middle of, but Karch spotted someone hiding in the brush on the outskirts. With a series of stealth checks, he was able to sneak up and slit the spy's throat. I was so happy about it that I completely ignored the possibility that there might be about five MORE lurking around. That was just when the fog lifted and I figured out how to play this character.

How did your character change from how you originally envisioned it?
Karch was originally supposed to be extremely diplomatic, resorting only to the inevitable kill when his "silver tongue" couldn't convince the baddies that fighting would just lead to their death. Somewhere along the line, he changed into a shoot first and who cares about the questions type of guy. Perhaps when the voice in the sky demanded that we fight for his amusement? I could see Karch becoming very frustrated with that and just giving up on talk. That's about the time when the Sword of Kas came into play, so I just went with it.

What were some of your favorite moments in the campaign?
As you know, this was my first D&D experience, so my favorite moment was one for Sean, not Karch. In the very first session, a gang tried to burn down the tavern we were in, and Darin Longbow threw his waterskin at a portion of the burning counter. That blew my mind. Being able to "do anything" was something I knew in my head about D&D, but I guess I didn't actually understand it. I felt like Neo realizing he knew kung-fu.
Karch moments would be in the highlight reel section, but one of my other favorites was the entire Karak Lode (I think) battle where the water was rising in the chamber, and we found Mindartha's pack, but no wizard. Correction - we found a completely DIFFERENT wizard! But that battle was another great race against the clock where we had to decide between focusing on a goal or on combat.

If you were to make a highlight reel for your character, what would be on it?
My absolute favorite Karch moment was the recent 1-on-1 battle of honor where Karch weasled his way into a win by disqualification. Killing the guard that was supposed to lead us to the quest in the "amuse me" battle was also a good one. Pickpocketing the Arrow Of Fate from Sirkana to fire the killing shot against the bridge guardian. Having Kris turn to me and actually say "Motherfucker!" in real life when the group looked for the pieces of the lich tree in their bags. Surprisingly, cutting out the tongue of Karch's from-his-past enemy turned out to be somewhat anti-climactic. But I did enjoy the assassination list with Karch's name left out. And fade to black on the tidbits with Thurann.

What was something cool or interesting about the other characters?
The other characters seem real, meaning it didn't feel like I was interacting with players in battle, but with the characters themselves (outside of the obscure movie references of course). Obviously, this was most clear with Zak, who is the only one left to control two characters during the campaign, and to his credit it doesn't seem like we have Rhogar the Bard with us now. Markas seemed to evolve from someone who focused on getting the job done, whatever the cost, into someone who actively tries to not kill us now. Of course, Kris and I talk about our characters a lot, so I'm not sure how much of Sirkana's character comes through online, but I hear the thought process behind her actions too, which makes her feel more real to me. Rhyd seems to have been the most consistent throughout the campaign, which makes sense for a paladin. Always focused, always looking for the most efficient way to do the right thing.

And Karch is still pissed at Rhogar for not allowing him to save Rhogar's life.

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Re: Homework

Post by DrPepperMD »

Kris wanted destinies written on the forum. Here's what I wrote in chat:
Zakiti has been gaining in his telepathic communications with the totality of shardmind existence. Through this, he has gained the knowledge necessary to reform the Living Gate. He sends the message out to all the Shardmind. Shardmind everywhere leave what they are doing to join up to travel to the Far Realm. Once there, Zakiti performs the actions necessary to recreate the Living Gate, which once again traps the mindflayers in the far realm, unable to trouble the rest of the world. The Living Gate was literally made up of the bodies of all Shardmind, so Zakiti's seperate consciousness ends, joined into the collective experiences of all shardmind. Though your characters have no way of knowing it, rest assured that Zakiti's companions are held in high regard in that collective intelligence.

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Re: Homework

Post by Krissy907 »

Here is Sirkana's entire story. The backstory I wrote about halfway through the adventure. The rest I wrote along the way... It's been a great run! Thanks again everyone. :)


Sirkana never liked the idea of “formal education”, but she loved sharing her knowledge with others. In the Feywild she would teach what she knew to whoever was willing and worthy. She sort of became a “village elder” while she was a very young eladrin. She took pride in her pupils, and established close bonds with many of them.

Sirkana has lost most of her family members. All that remain are a distant uncle and a few other distant relatives that she has only heard of. She does have an estranged sister, however, she has not spoken to her in almost 70 years. Her family was killed in a horrible house fire. Sirkana and her sister both discovered they were naturally proficient in fire control during the house fire. They were able to get themselves out of the fire but they could not save their other family members.

Although naturally drawn to fire spells, Sirkana chose to shift her studies to teleportation over the last half-century. Her hope was to gain full control over any peril she and her companions faced, and never again feel inadequate.

Many years ago, Sirkana took on a pupil by the name of Falrinth. He showed interest in the elemental arts and teleportation magic, but his experiments took a turn for the bizarre. It became clear to Sirkana that Falrinth was ultimately interested in using his talents in magic purely for the acquisition of wealth, which was against her beliefs. After a heated argument they parted ways. Falrinth went on to take on Markas (now a fellow member of Sirkana’s traveling party) as a student, passing on his interest in portal and planar magic but abusing him and using him a tool to amass wealth. Sirkana saw this as an opportunity to take Markas under her wing, feeling guilty for having “failed” with Falrinth. Markas, a young human, seemed unwilling to trust another mentor. Sirkana once again faced personal failure.

In their travels, the group became allies with Amyria, now head of The Coalition of The Seven Shields. Amyria became a friend to Sirkana and helped her channel her disappointment and anger into perfecting her fire control. As a result, Sirkana made the decision to switch her studies to Master of Flame, a path she seemed born to follow.

Story Continued:

After returning to her fire destiny, Sirkana found an inner peace, and once again felt her strong connection to nature that was once so important to her and her family. She also began searching for her estranged sister. unbeknownst to the group, Sirkana’s Solace Bole was a place of retreat where she and her sister would go as children to play. Since their home had been destroyed, the Solace Bole was the only place where her sister’s energy remained. Each time the group visited, Sirkana spent the extra time she had to gather any information she could, but remained unsuccessful in her quest. She decided to turn all her attention to nature in hopes that it would show her the way.

Choosing her Radiant One epic destiny was a logical choice for Sirkana. With it she was able to increase her knowledge of the natural world. Her plan was to become one with nature, when her physical body was done with this world. Sirkana believed that if she were to become part of nature, she would in turn know everything there is to know about it, thus satisfying her insatiable thirst for knowledge.

When Amyria was shown to be the essence of the god Bahamut, Sirkana felt an instant connection to Bahamut and chose to worship him as her diety. The love Sirkana had for Amyria immediately and permanently affixed to her new god. Since Sirkana believed that stars were pieces of gods themselves, she became determined to become a star. If she were to succeed she would forever be connected to Bahamut, and as a result, Amyria. Sirkana began to seek more radiant powers, in order to shift her attention from the ground to the sky. She felt foolish for not thinking of this sooner. As a star she would overlook all of nature, and witness everything it had to offer.

End game:

When she realized her work as a fey was done, Sirkana began to gleam from within, as if her skin was but a shell covering a mighty lamp. She understood that she had to get her affairs in order before she was to meet her fate. She once again returned to her Solace Bole, and left all her worldly possessions there. If her sister should happen to revisit their childhood spot, she would be well taken care of.

Her last task was to speak with Bahamut himself. Upon hearing her heartfelt plea, Bahamut agreed to honor Sirkana’s wishes. When her sister is no longer part of this world, Bahamut will see to it that she becomes a star like Sirkana, and the two will forever be joined in nature. Sirkana bowed, and kissed the hand of Bahamut as her fey form burned out of exsistance. A bright red star then appeared in the sky above him.

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Re: Homework

Post by Sean_Mc »

I love that Sirkana story. It feels very "end of an epic".

And as we saw, Karch's story was not quite so positive....


Karch Silvertongue came from nothing. A common tiefling child with a good eye for killing pests with his slingshot. He made one single choice - pulling the trigger...killing a young boy to ensure his own escape - and look where it has brought him.

One innocent life was taken so many years ago. That act sent Karch fleeing into the darkness, never again to fully emerge. That act brought him to the adventure of a lifetime. And that act brought him wealth beyond counting. So how bad was that act, really?

A god lies dead, due in no small part to Karch's growing martial expertise and ruthlessness. In fact, what use has the rest of this group been to him at all? This journey has been Karch's alone from the start, and he has seen many so-called allies flee or fall while he remained resolute in his task. His one true ally has been his blade. How could he have been so blind to that fact for so long? When emotion or the useless kindness that the others seem to hold so dear rises up in him, Karch now needs only to look at his blade to be reminded that allies are merely a means to an end - their own, if it becomes useful.

For now, the rest of the group could be tolerated to live. They at least provide distraction while Karch lines up his killing shots. But they appear to be getting a bit full of themselves. Much like the other gods tend to do. Yes, for now, they can all be tolerated. But as Karch looks at the Gem Of Auditory Recollection he has secreted away, now brimming with Tiamat's words of power, he can't help but wonder. How much longer should he allow all of them - gods and mortals alike - to live?

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