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I HOPE this is not breaking news... but it seems it might be. I have not had stable internet for a few weeks, the net provider here has these crappy routers that over 4000 have broken due to the recent storms (something about electrical interference from the lightning). I have attempted to alert you guys to the following message up until friday, when i called my friend that knows sage (aina) and told him to tell y'all.

here is the message:

I'm sorry guys, but due to some personal stuff I am going through at the moment, I have to give up on D&D for a while. BUT do not get rid of your character sheets, I do eventually want to finish this campaign, and hopefully by the time I am able to get my head back into the game I'll have made progress in the storyline enough to allow a nice long play period when I return.

p.s. sage, i am sorry but i have to drop your game as well, but i may be able to get back into that as well later.

again guys, sorry it took so long for y'all to hear from me, I'm going to have to have a talk with my friend... hopefully I'll have a skype-worthy connection soon, l8ers all.
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