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Post by rkathey »

trevor wrote: Imagine the repository having a selection of maps that already have their grids setup.


This may be embedded in your notes but want to make sure.

1) The ability to support variable size grids, in effect the abillity to move a grid line slightly so it aligns to a map's line without respect to the distance between other lines. This would allow for stretching of the map by letting the DM 'fudge' some lines but leave others in tact. Of course, the lines would have to be straight up to down and side to side. (NOTE: I hate the idea of non-regularly space grids but it would help with odd maps)

2) You could reverse this and allow the drawing to be stretch or compress as well to help meatch the grid pattern. In effect, set the beginning line and the ending line and imput the number of lines in between. The program would then adjust the aspect ratio for a perfect fit.

3) Once the number of pixels per grid is working I can always do this functionality in GIMP so it may not be that important.

4) All in all though, if this is a real bugger bear I would prefer hexes first and facing first. :-)
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Post by storyguide3 »

trevor wrote:So, the dialogs would be:

The current method, but contained in the new dialog.

This panel might contain a selection of common sizes, I've heard of 20 and 61. It may also just remember the values you've typed before. This would let you just click on a common size. This panel may be combined with one of the others

Advanced (or Scanned, perhaps)
The new method that allows you to create an arbitrary grid on the map

Text entry of the different fields.

As I am having a hard time getting the hang of the new method, I am happy to hear that the current method will stay. I find it only takes me a few second to make adjustment on a scanned map when combat breaks out, and that is the only time we snap to grid anyway.
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