CharTool build notes for Eclipse

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CharTool build notes for Eclipse

Post by Azhrei »

So here's another (long-ish) ramble about what I had to do to get CharTool to build for me. Some of this harkens back to my experiences with MapTool -- there's a separate sticky thread for that one though.

So jay told me that he was ready for CT and IT to be pushed to the web site. I could simply grab the JARs and copy them to the server, hoping that I get everything put into place, but I wanted to ensure that I could build those tools myself using my Eclipse environment. Here's what I can remember of the build process...

1. I checked out the chartool project from (btw, for those who don't know you can use "" as an alias for "" and their web server will provide a redirect; this just allows less typing).

2. I tried to build it and got errors. This was because the build.xml didn't have references to the three JARs needed to for ANT to do the build. (See the MapTool thread for how to setup the JARs Pack200, JS, and a third one that I don't recall.) Fix the references and try building again. It still fails, which leads me to step ...

3. Grab the gameSettings directory from the main web site because it didn't appear to be in the web project that CharTool was referring to. Note that the dependency is in the execution of the build.xml script but isn't part of any Eclipse build path setting. In other words, Eclipse doesn't know the dependency is even there and it can't help in that regard. I checked out the web project but with the files missing I had to search the site and I finally found them. I will commit those changes to the web project in the next 24-48 hours so that others will be able to check out the project and have everything work.

Once I did the above I was able to build CharTool. Note that I already have a working build environment for MapTool so some required setup may have already been done as a result of getting Eclipse building MT correctly.

I now need to figure out what is involved in deploying CharTool to the site and test that.

I have a game to prep for that runs tomorrow night though, so this will have to wait until Thursday. I do have a couple of weeks off starting next Monday so I'm hoping to make some more progress with MT, Maven, Git, and everything else. 8)

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