[SVN noob needs help] Where is B87 in SVN?

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[SVN noob needs help] Where is B87 in SVN?

Post by badsequel »

I'm probably blind, dumb or both, but I cannot find the B87 in SVN..

I followed a manual someone wrote and all is working nicely, except that the last MT code I can get is B86.. *scratches head*

[edit]: I used the guide from MetaGamer in this post: http://forums.rptools.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=421&start=105

I missed something, didn't I? Check the picture below


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Re: [SVN noob needs help] Where is B87 in SVN?

Post by Lee »

It's implied that, since b88 is broken, the base for what's "stable" is b87 and whatever commits were made so far to address what broke b88; that would mean the trunk is likely what you're looking for. With that being said, it's not b87 in its purest form either since patches have been applied to it.

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