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Testing data.

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So one thing this project lacks I think is test data.

I don't mean test *cases*, I mean, more fundamentally, user-story tests. Like, load this file here, this thing should come out the other end when I click this, type tests.

This is sort-of a documentation task, but its actually documentation, testing, and user facing all at the same time. I just opened the latest build of maptool, and, wow, lots of windows, with lots of empty stuff, that I need to now go to a bunch of documentation to find the documentation on how to get the stuff to put in the thing for the whatchmagizmo to work. Which, is fine and all (there should be that documentation), but I don't know what that stuff is or where to get it, and as a developer or a user, I have to do a bunch of extra work to find and get that stuff.

So, like, defaults for EVERYTHING would be nice, including ways of adding new things (if I open a dialog to add an image or something it should really point at a folder filled with the sorts of images that I would want to add). That'll go a long way to making the application more user-friendly, and more testable at the same time. In that vein... I may have found a bug when I tried download a set of trees, or something. Might be me, I don't know.

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