Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Threads specific to teaching (or step-by-step resources) for making any kind of graphic image for us in RPtools applications (mostly MapTool and TokenTool).

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Post by dorpond »

I made a quick video showing how I made the bluffs in my recent Bluff Encounter map. Look at the first post in this thread for the link. Enjoy and happy mapping!
How to use my bundled artwork (MT1.3B60+):

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Re: Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Post by Duvik »

You Suck at Photoshop

The most entertaining basic photoshop tutorials out there IMO... this series covers a lot of good tricks.

Fun to watch even if you know most of what he's teaching...
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Re: Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Post by HunabKu »

Great tutos, Dorpond. :)

I used the techniques in GIMP with acceptable success. :D

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Re: Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Post by Graphical Prophet »

Nice tutorials, really liked the mountain one, never thought to create a mountain that way.

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Re: Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Post by Indestructible »

Nice stuff DP got any others you planning on sharing? The stairs and platforms were a big help for me :Big Grin: and at the end of the mountain tut I had to do a double take to believe it was actually created in PS instead of a Google Sat image of a desert mountain somewhere in Nevada or something xD

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Re: Screencasts: Photoshop Tutorials

Post by aeauseth »

I'm no photoshop expert, but I figured out enough to take a scanned map from a DnD module and turn it into a 50x50 grid based map for use in Maptool.

MapTool - Aaron's Tutorial - Part1 - Importing Scanned Maps

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