Session 7: A Bit of Intrigue and Bears

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Session 7: A Bit of Intrigue and Bears

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These write themselves sometimes.

After a rather quiet day, the party was finally able to (after hours of arguing) formalize their adventuring party as The Syndicate. With themselves named and possessing an official symbol, they could now take contracts from any interested party. Of course they simply went right back to Faradail, but at least they had the option now.

Faradail explained that their next assignment would be a good deal more challenging than the previous, but as such it had a greater possible reward. Selgaunt's trade with international entities beyond Netheril was suffering as of late, and this was due in a large part to Saerloon's merchants. Saerloon had traditionally played second fiddle to Selgaunt's trade, but they were capitalizing upon Selgaunt's negligence to lure away their traditional partners. If this trend continued, the city would be significantly worse off if the Netherese ever stopped their favorable trade arrangements. The three main offenders were The Rising Sun Trading Company, The Gentle Breeze Trading Collective, and The Bountiful Harvest Trading Conglomerate.

The Rising Sun Trading Company: A dealer of ores and minerals, the Rising Sun was luring away what had traditionally been ore deposits under Selgaunt's purview. While she would strongly prefer the return of all the lost resources, simply stopping the trend would marginally suffice.
The Gentle Breeze Trading Collective: As a transporter of goods, the Gentle Breeze has little ties to where they trade. As such, when Saerloon offered a better deal on hosting their operations, the Gentle Breeze immediately jumped on it. They have to be convinced one way or another to return to Selgaunt.
The Bountiful Harvest Trading Conglomerate: The Bountiful Harvest was an entity born in Sembia for the purpose of allowing its farmers to sell their goods to the wider world. Unfortunately, over the past few decades the Bountiful Harvest has diversified into buying and selling from all farmers across the region. As a result, they were preparing to leave Sembia entirely; they couldn't be allowed to leave.

Faradail then revealed that she had obtained their rewards early, and gave each of them their magical items that they had earned from the Griday excursion. All of them received magic items except Valkahim who instead had opted for healing potions. In his batch, he noticed that one of them was different from the others. After departing from Faradail they set out to have this mystery potion identified. They found it was a Potion of Haste, a rather rare item to possess, and that it was worth a pretty penny. While I don't know exactly what they did with the potion, I can only assume that it was sold to help fund the Syndicate's work.

The journey to Saerloon would only take a day, but sadly that was just enough to impede the group. Saerloon closes at night, as in it does not allow people to enter or leave once the sun sets. As a result, when the party noticed that the sun was imminently setting they knew they would not be able to reach the city that day. They opted to camp near the road instead, and to enter the city first thing in the morning. Jinuzi decided to keep watch while the others peacefully slept. Well, until Jinuzi's rallying cries woke them up.

A large bear had descended upon the camp along with a few wolves, but these were no ordinary animals. Their eyes glowed an unnatural green, and while they verbally assaulted the party they showed a surprising knack for tactical combat. Oh, and did I mention that the bear shot lasers from its mouth? The bear shot lasers from its mouth, yes. While the combat was difficult (and Ronin came close to death multiple times), in the end they were successful and the beasts were defeated. With that, the group then started to rest again and hoped for no more interruptions.
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