Session 4: New Arrival At The Arrival

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Session 4: New Arrival At The Arrival

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Usually the most important events are not known as such until after the fact.

After the meeting with Faradail, the party set out for the Hamlet of Griday to follow up on the rumors she had passed along to them. Once there, they immediately came upon a small fenced in area that was locked. Looking longingly inside was a Human woman, who noticed the party's approach and struck up a conversation with them. Over the course of the conversation, it was revealed that the woman's name was Lith and she was a traveler who had just arrived in town. She seemed suspicious and wary of the local populace, and relayed that the locals didn't like outsiders and therefore did not like her. However, as the party had given her a warmer welcome than most, she decided to follow them for a little awhile.

Inquiring around the town yielded three things: talk of 'vandals', warnings to not go out at night, and a multitude of glares. It seemed most people in town were suspicious of the group, but that did not stop them from approaching the temple of Pelor for answers. While Ronin and Lith stayed outside, the other three entered and were greeted by a cleric of Pelor. Though the cleric seemed to be brusque with them, the notable change in the conversation occurred when the cleric asked for them to swear to Pelor that they were there to deal with the vandals. The Elf immediately declined the commitment and left the temple with Valkahim soon behind him as well. Jinuzi was the only one that remained, and he took up the oath before leaving the church to meet up with the others.

Now the following is pure conjecture based upon some loose tales of the rambling sort, but if I am to understand correctly the party then went to a park in town, The Court of Pelor, to enact a stake out to find the vandals. Once there however, I am told that Jinuzi mistaken stabbed a drunkard... I thought those incidents were supposed to read the other way. Regardless, the party brought the drunkard to the temple of Pelor where the clerics were able to save the victim's life. Needlessly to say that even though the man did not expire the entire ordeal did not win the party any points with the townsfolk.

After a rather eventful night, the party slept through the day in order to start their investigation anew after a good... day's sleep. This time, the party did not have time to enact a plan, as the disturbance met them instead: a ghost named 'The Seer' stood in the street, and demanded to know if the party stood with 'the liberation'. When the PCs refused to answer one way or another, The Seer attacked and its hidden companions (The Shade and The Breaker) joined in. Though The Shade had the ability to make copies of himself, the party figured out the pattern and managed to beat the ghosts. The night was by no means over, but I will end this chapter here as there is far too much to discuss and I would hate to forget any details by rushing.
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