[Mods] [SW-DLR] Tokens/maps for "Dont drink the water" - p 3

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[Mods] [SW-DLR] Tokens/maps for "Dont drink the water" - p 3

Post by Bhoritz »

I post here because I can't see a new topic button in the "Published Module Support" subforum (whilst I have been able to post there in the past).

I just made available on my blog the third part of the maps and elements needed to play the scenario "Don't drink the water" for Savage Worlds. You can find it here.

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Re: Tokens and maps for "Dont drink the water" - part 3

Post by Gamerdude »

There's been a change in the "USER CREATIONS" forum.

*NEW* Threads can only be started in USER CREATIONS, with the moderators moving them to the correct area. It is part of trying to clean up and organize all the great resources in this section.

Of course, any thread anywhere in User Creations can be posted to. It's just making new threads that are affected.
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