[Tokens] cubeblue's 6,400+ custom token images

Threads for tokens/libraries of tokens made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. Anything macro-related should be in "Drop-In Macro Resources".

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Re: [Tokens] cubeblue's 6,400+ custom token images

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KahunaKahuna wrote:
Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:32 am
You are without a doubt the best, I was just starting to build a token library and it was getting tedious as hell and I only had about 215 done. You rock to the stars. :D :D :D
Yeah, this is a nice collection of pog-type tokens. A little low rez by today's standards (I like to use at least 400x400 these days) and I wish the monsters were organized into type... but, in a pinch, this is a great goto source.
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Re: [Tokens] cubeblue's 6,400+ custom token images

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Beautiful! Just started using map tools and this is a great collection of tokens!

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