Token: Man

Threads for tokens/libraries of tokens made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. Anything macro-related should be in "Drop-In Macro Resources".

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Token: Man

Post by dorpond »

I was doing a test for Voodoo so I thought I would post this anyway.


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Token: Chest Bearer (200x200 circle token) from painted mini

Post by TexasStu »

I guess I don't have permission to start my own thread but I wanted to share something with others (trying to contribute, yanno?)...

As an alternative to artwork or reusing someone else's work I am posting this alternative example which is of a miniature I've painted and I used the tokentool to 'frame' the token.
The background was made from an image on my computer monitor as a background & backlighting to give the miniature a more realistic 'feel'. I've started painting miniatures again and this one is one of the antique (c.1980) minis I'm painting for a longtime friend (20+) as a ramp up to the 500+ Bones minis I'll be getting around march 2013. More images can be seen on the FB page I made ( ) and I've cross-posted to my gallery (where this image is hosted) on;sa=myimages;u=7011
Does this seem like something others would use?

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Re: Token: Man

Post by aliasmask »

Using pictures of minis is a good idea. WotC has a bunch of minis on their site as well.

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