Seamless Tiles

Threads for tilesets and background graphics made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. (This is just like the section for frameworks that users have made and offered to others, but specific to libraries of map-making tiles, objects, and backgrounds).

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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by kazinsky »

I would absolutely love to see more pieces to the set with the secret door, such as windows, an open door way (no door), a good floor texture to match that dirt look that you have going on with the secret door and a couple of good doors (wood, metal-reinforced wood, metal, portcullis).

I love the variety of having Torstan's awesome set and another great set. It spices up the dungeons to have them differ, imo.

Thank you for your hard work, Mazerik!

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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by wrathchild »

Having toyed with them some I can only say: MORE!

The pespective walls with overlays is such a way cool idea. I did note that the door came up over the wall in the current sizes, but this can be remedied by resizing.

Super work :)
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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by Natha »

I really like them too.
Didn't try to use them yet but those tiles might be the very fundations of my next dungeon : the underdepths of the Gardmore Abbey ... :twisted:

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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by Shpena »

These are just sexy mate, thanks for sharing.

I would like to echo rptroll's statement and humbly ask if there is a central repository or big zip file so we may partake of these beauties. 8)
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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by wyrmwood »

Phergus wrote:When saving images that have a transparent area around them use whatever the feature in Photoshop is called that allows you to automatically crop away the unneeded portions while preserving the drop shadow.

And this may be what Phergus meant, but I find it's easier to add a transparent layer, crop/erase as needed, then add the drop shadow. Otherwise, if you add the drop shadow before you've cropped/erased the image, it's hard to get a good edge with the shadow. Adding the shadow after you've cropped/erased on the transparency (or completely cropped image with a transparent layer) gives you a clean output. If you use autocrop with GIMP, be careful as it may crop your shadows. It's easier to just grow the selection you shadowed by a couple of pixels more than your shadow setting and manual crop.

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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by RPMiller »

If you use the Trim feature under the Image menu in PhotoShop and select Transparency, it will only crop the truly transparent pixels and will not touch your drop shadow. If you try to manually crop, it is really difficult to tell what is 99% transparent from 100% transparent, but Trim can tell. I would assume that GIMP's autocrop would be similar?
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Re: Seamless Tiles

Post by Phergus »

wyrmwood wrote:If you use autocrop with GIMP, be careful as it may crop your shadows.

You just have to be sure to have the shadow layer selected first or have flattened the image.

If you use autocrop on the base image then it crops to that instead of the expanded shadow area.

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