Modern tileset - generic office building

Threads for tilesets and background graphics made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. (This is just like the section for frameworks that users have made and offered to others, but specific to libraries of map-making tiles, objects, and backgrounds).

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Modern tileset - generic office building

Post by Rumble »

I'm working on a tileset for modern games, with a fairly generic "office building" look to them. It's aimed at letting you make a pretty quick office building if you need one.

I've attached a screenshot and a zip-file (it's not a great one, but you get the point) to show the work in progress. And yes, it's definitely WIP, so don't expect things to be perfectly named or organized, but feel free to use them.

At this point, I have yet to do any stairways, lighting, or any office objects, and I may not get to the office objects stuff, since that's available in so many places. However, the set so far has the walls (both interior and exterior) and doorways, textures for ugly carpets, and tiny little cubicles for people to slave away in.

Note that right now, it's designed for a 70-pixel grid (it was actually started as a project for another VTT which, for some reason, chose 70 pixels as the default grid size), but I'll probably ImageMagick 'em into a 50-pixel version when their done. Let me know if you can think of things to add, or if there are pieces that don't align properly when snapped to the grid - I fumbled some calculations at one point and I may not have corrected everything.
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Re: Modern tileset - generic office building

Post by aliasmask »

I think I've worked there before.. only 4 windows to the outside.

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Re: Modern tileset - generic office building

Post by RPTroll »

Good stuff, Rumble. Thanks!
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