[Tileset] Hedges (and Paved Path)

Threads for tilesets and background graphics made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. (This is just like the section for frameworks that users have made and offered to others, but specific to libraries of map-making tiles, objects, and backgrounds).

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[Tileset] Hedges (and Paved Path)

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I recently made a garden maze and because it was going to be too massive to do as a single image, I created a tileset. I included "park pavement" tileset and resized it to go with my tileset but it isn't my creation and no copyright infringement is intended. As far as I know, it is free to use for non-commercial purposes. If someone knows where I got that, let me know and I'll give the appropriate credit. I believe it was a part of a large collection from dundjinni, but I'm not sure.


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