My dungeon tiles

Threads for tilesets and background graphics made by MapTool users and provided for other users to make use of. (This is just like the section for frameworks that users have made and offered to others, but specific to libraries of map-making tiles, objects, and backgrounds).

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Re: My dungeon tiles

Post by crogonint »

Sorry to drag up a zombie thread.

I'm looking for the sample dungeon mentioned in the first (second?) post. It's necessary for the tutorial in the wiki, so..?

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Re: My dungeon tiles

Post by bubblobill »

The tiles themselves are available at
Bubblobill on the forum.
@Reverend on the MapTool Discord Server

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Re: My dungeon tiles

Post by Phergus »

They are already available in MapTool by simply selecting his Backgrounds pack from Add Resource to Library.

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