[RPMAP] Halls of Beckoning

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[RPMAP] Halls of Beckoning

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Halls of Beckoning

    Adventurers enter this area via a teleportation disk and can leave to new area via another magical transportation. This area can only be entered by magical means. This was designed to come from the Vaults of Creation.

[spoiler=||| Map Preview: 25% Scale |||]
Halls of Beckoning example.jpg
Halls of Beckoning example.jpg (209.39 KiB) Viewed 5663 times

    • Size: 12.6MB
    • Version: 1.3b87
    • Scale: 100px grid (190w x 140h) gridless
    • Assets: Includes creatures based on 3.5 and set design and includes some map notes.
  • PNG- 7.8MB (Background Image Only)
  • PNG - 1.7MB (assets included separately)
  • ZIP - 21MB total file size


Keywords: Morgh, Barbed Devil, Greater Basilisk, Magic Circle


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