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Color Manager for HTML-based User Interfaces

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 4:48 am
by Raoden
I love the flexibility of HTML-based framework interfaces, like RPTroll's Savage Worlds interface. When I create frameworks, I intend to use this style.

A big part of making such frameworks intuitive and aesthetically pleasing is the CSS formatting that goes into them. While I'm no expert with CSS, I know enough to realize that it's a pain to change it around when you want it to do something new.

In spite of that, I had the thought that it would be awesome, in a framework-based game with HTML UI, if the DM could click a macro to change the CSS files the campaign was using on the spot. This Token is an attempted fulfillment of that idea.

This token allows you to pull up a Color Manager frame, which lets you create, define, edit, and delete "Color Schemes," which are data sets stored on the Library Token. When you tell it to Apply a Color Scheme, it dynamically modifies the CSS file it's using to include the new Color Scheme's colors. You can immediately see the new Scheme in effect as the Color Manager frame refreshes using the new CSS.

You can also define a Color Scheme to go with each Map of the campaign. Using this technique, the DM can use Color Schemes as a sort of "tileset" to enhance the feel of his maps by quickly switching to a Color Scheme that matches thematically. For example, the token comes with the black/gray/orange/red-heavy "Hell" color scheme, which would be very flavorful to use on a map that represents the Lower Planes.

Re: Color Manager for HTML-based User Interfaces

Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 4:53 am
by Raoden
Version 1.0 of the Color Manager is, naturally, a Work In Progress. But I'm posting it early so that I can get help developing it further -- figuring out the best ways to program tricky things, finding and fixing bugs, and getting feedback about other features to add.

Here are some features I already plan on adding, though, in approximate priority order:
  1. The ability to set a list of other Frames and Dialogs that should get refreshed when a color scheme is Applied
  2. Making frames and dialogs refresh for players, as well as the GM, when a scheme is Applied
  3. Little colored boxes on the main frame that give a sample of each color scheme
  4. A second Sample page to view color schemes with

Eh, I'm sure I've had a lot more in mind, but I'm tired and can't remember them right now.