Request: spell macros?

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Request: spell macros?

Post by Daelomin »

Forgive me if this has been asked before... I searched the forums and found very little, and nothing specific to what I'm wondering about.

I was making up an encounter for a campaign I'll be running soon for MapTool, and one of the villains starts off the encounter with some spells cast like Mage Armor, Shield, etc. I'm using Imarkus' DnD35/Pathfinder framework and I went about adding these in the usual way (i.e. as "items" in a "Spell" category when i edit the character). This got me thinking though about how nice it would be to not have to edit the inventory items all the time for spells, especially in the thick of combat. This got me further thinking, is it possible to have a spellbook with spell macros? I.e. when Mage Armor is cast, you simply access a Spellbook panel (similar to Wolph42's BoT panel) with all the spells available broken up by level, select the spell, select a target, and presto a +4 armor bonus is applied to the selected token.

I know nothing about writing macros, scripting, coding or anything, but my immediate thought it that something like this wouldn't be that hard to implement. Am I wrong on this? If I'm not, has it already been done? Where is it? If anyone could enlighten me on these questions I would really appreciate it!


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Re: Request: spell macros?

Post by neofax »

This is already available in lMarkus 3.5/Pathfinder FW. Click on the red Active Mods button and select the Spell tab and many are there. You can add more if you want, but I forget the button, it is in the GM section IIRC.
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Re: Request: spell macros?

Post by Simetradon »

For my Chaos 6010 game, I made macros for all the spells from the core book, and it took a decent amount of time. Looking at the much larger spell list of something like Pathfinder, and I would have to say that such would be a monumental undertaking.

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