HotDQ - Episode 8: Castle in the Clouds (5e, with framework)

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HotDQ - Episode 8: Castle in the Clouds (5e, with framework)

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This campaign file ( contains all the maps (with vision-blocking and portals connecting stairways), monsters (with full stats and macros), items, etc. to run the 8th episode of Hoard of the Draqon Queen. This includes the village of Parnast and the three levels of Skyreach Castle. While you need the published module to make sense of it, each room has embedded flavor text (DM visible only) and tokens with descriptions of the treasure that can be made player visible when the treasure is found. Though everything is set up with my 5e framework, it could be run without the framework component, or just the framework for the monsters.

In a few places, the vision blocking layer is used to block stuff that might be visible after the PCs find it. Similarly, there is a line of vision-blocking at every elevation change in the ice tunnels, so that no one gets ahead of themselves. It is worth taking a look at the VBL before running it to see how I put it in.


If you like the framework the thread where you can download the full version is here: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=25490

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