[Pathfinder] Bare-Bones Framework v1.5

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[Pathfinder] Bare-Bones Framework v1.5

Post by qcgreywolf »

There are some amazing frameworks available from some very skilled coders here on the Maptools forum. However, for my needs, many of these nuclear powered jet planes are orders of magnitude above what I required at my table. I needed a simple table-top augmentation, not a table-top replacement. Something simple, lightning fast and uncomplicated.

So, here is my Bare-Bones Framework and the features it provides.

Updates preceded by a *

[spoiler=]- Nearly complete character sheet integration
- Support for up to 7 attacks (plus one automatically rolled Haste attack when hasted)
- Each attack supports up to 5 additional damage types (eg. Acid, Holy, Bane, Poision, etc.)
- Each attack can automatically incorporate Sneak Attack and CMB rolls
- *Full support for Temporary HP's,Non-Lethal damage, Resistances and Protections.
- Temporary modifiers for attack rolls, damage rolls, skill rolls and saving throws
- *Skills: I think I have them all now.
- Support for the Empowered Healing ability/feat with all Cure spells
- *Timers: Highly useful for the rd/level stuff! Tracks on a per-token basis.
- *Initiative tracker: Now with end of combat timer clean-up.
- *Monster summoning (manual list curation)
- Support for many spell effects and most conditions
- Character Editor: Edit everything on your token with a couple of clicks
- *Secret Rolls: Nothing NPC's do/roll can be seen by players. PC's can send secret rolls to the GM.[/spoiler]

At the end of the day, it's basically a combat tracker that handles all your combat needs. It still requires regular character sheets and inventories, so it cannot run your table completely. But it is exactly what my group needs and fills my small niche with perfection. We use Hero Lab, GoToMeeting and Maptools for our cross-state gaming and this is a wonderful setup.

Love it, hate it, change it or steal from it, here it is for your own personal use, free of charge and without obligation.

https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B ... le%2ccmpgn

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