[Genesys] Genesys Framework V1.0

MapTool campaign files that encapsulate properties, tokens, and macros for a particular ruleset or game world. "Framework" is often abbreviated "FW".

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[Genesys] Genesys Framework V1.0

Post by Agromania »

This is the 1.0 release of my framework for the Genesys RPG system by FFG. It currently contains enough to be playable and cover the basic rules. Any campaigns using the v0.9 framework should be compatible without much issue, but it's a good idea to make a backup

File: See attached for latest version
WARNING: This release may contain errors, missing or broken features, and snarky debug messages. If you come across any of these, or have issues upgrading from v0.9, please let me know

I made and tested this using Maptool 1.5.6

Some of the changes I have implemented from the EotE framework:
  • Changed dice images
  • Changed skills, talents, item qualities and vehicle rules to be more in line with Genesys rules
  • Included Career skills
  • Initiative System with Player and NPC slots
  • Ability to customise parts of the Character Sheet
  • Options for Realms of Terrinoth and Shadow of the Beanstalk skills
Install instructions
  1. Download the campaign file attached to this post (only the GM needs to do this)
  2. Open the campaign file
Explanation of Macros
Character Sheet
Adds a macro to the selected token which allows it to reopen the character sheet if they accidentally close it.
See next section
Edit Settings
Adjust campaign settings, including custom skills
Add GM Point
Adds a point to the GM Pool, increasing the total points available.
Add Player Point
Adds a point to the Player Pool, increasing the total points available.
Spend GM Point
Allows the GM to spend a Story Point, moving one point from the GM Pool to the Player pool. Can also be done from NPC Character sheets
Generate Starting Story Pool
Sets up the Story Points based on the number of players
Using the Initiative System
Genesys handles initiative a bit differently to many other games. This implementation is a bit hacky, but it works. The macros for running the initiative system can be found in the “Initiative” section of the Campaign macros window. It is recommended to not share campaign macros with players, as only the GM can run these macros. Make sure that the 'NPC' and 'Player' tokens are on the map and visible to players
  1. Run the “Combat Time!” macro. This will lock all token movement until it is the player’s turn.
  2. Have each player and NPC roll initiative. This can be done from their respective character sheets. Each player/NPC has the option to use Cool or Vigilance. Each roll will automatically generate a “Player” or “NPC” initiative slot. This requires the “Player” and “NPC” tokens to be on the map (they also need their ‘type’ property set to 0 and 1, respectively) and visible to players (although their location is unimportant).
  3. Once everyone has rolled initiative, run the “Next” macro in the campaign macros. The initiative window functions should not be used, but it is useful to have open to track turns.
  4. Repeat the following until combat ends:
    1. Assign the current initiative slot by selecting the token(s) and running the “Give Slot to Selected” macro. The token(s) will receive the “Active” state and can now move. You cannot assign a slot to a character that has already acted this round.
    2. Once the active player(s) complete their turn, run the “Next” macro in the campaign macros. This will remove the active status, add a flag to indicate they’ve acted this round, and move to the next initiative slot. If you use the initiative window next function, things might go wrong (but you can use previous to go back)
  5. Run the “End Combat” macro. This will remove the “InCombat” and “Active” states from each token that has them. Tokens will be free to move again.
Update Instructions
The biggest change in this version is the talent pyramid. Talents from existing characters will likely need to be redone
V1.0 Changelog
Moved "Edit settings" to campaign macros
Added tabular equipment
Added Talent Pyramid
Added auto-encumbrance calculation for weapons and equipment
Allowed for entry of custom skills
Significantly reduced file size
General Usage Tips
  • Make sure you have the right token selected when saving/editing character sheets or rolling checks. Things can go wrong otherwise
  • If using the initiative system, make sure not to use the inbuilt next function
  • Be sure to give new tokens the 'SWA' properties in config
  • Edit character sheets for NPCs and vehicles by clicking the portrait
Based heavily on the EotE 2.0 campaign framework by Daelkyr:
Dice Symbols by SkyJedi
Status Icons by cubeblue
Genesys v1.0.cmpgn
(2.9 MiB) Downloaded 80 times
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Re: [Genesys] Genesys Framework V0.9

Post by Phergus »

Cool. Always good to see frameworks for other game systems. Thank you for sharing.

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Re: [Genesys] Genesys Framework V0.9

Post by sevrick »

Link seems to be broken. Is there anywhere else I can get this?

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Re: [Genesys] Genesys Framework V0.9

Post by Agromania »

sevrick wrote:
Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:06 pm
Link seems to be broken. Is there anywhere else I can get this?
I've now updated to version 1.0, which is attached to the opening post. Should be a bit more permanent

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Re: [Genesys] Genesys Framework V1.0

Post by Idward »

I just want to say thank you.

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