Deden's Handouts Library Reloaded

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Deden's Handouts Library Reloaded

Post by Merudo »

I've noticed that the download links for Deden's handouts library are not longer working.

I've thus decided to make the library available again. In addition, I've included a few extra features to the library:

1. You can click on "Show" to show a handout directly, without providing permissions for it. It is intended to show a picture during, such as showing a larger picture of a character while in a conversation.

2. You can specify the Height and Weight of the handouts, so it opens up at the correct size for players.

Everything else is Deden's work. Enjoy.

Download Link:!uNg3nCBT!tgOp_VAmC8uV ... 5t2vRxCAWw
Version: 2.1 (7/16/2019)


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