VBL Move Block

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VBL Move Block

Post by Merudo »

Here is a library to block movement over VBL.

This way you can prevent players from moving through walls! Players will have their token stopped at the blocking VBL.

I'm aware the Bag of Tricks has such a feature, however I prefer my implementation because of the following reasons:

- My approach is considerably faster
- I respect the "Fog: Expose only at way points" option.
- When snap to grid is disabled for the token and Vision is set to Night, tokens can be moved outside their immediate vision.

The VBL is disabled for GMs by default, so it's best to test it out with a player client.

Note: "MoveVision" needs to be defined as a Sight for the library to work, preferably with a range large enough for most movement. Example:

Code: Select all

MoveVision: circle r2,000 
You don't have to give that sight to anyone - just make sure it is defined!

Download URL: https://mega.nz/#!bdh2lIxK!LZ9PtlMo4p_Y ... tw1ZwOXoy4
Version: 1.1 (7/28/2019)

Change Log
Update 1.1 (7/28/2019):

- Tweaked the code for the token offset, now should work better with hex grid and for freesize.

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