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Start View Configuration

Post by Merudo »

Tired of your players ended up on a random map every time they join?

I've made this library to set the view of players right after they enter the server.

  • GM View: Players are centered on the GM's view.
  • GM View (Token): Players are centered on their owned token that is the closest to the GM view.
  • Any Owned: Players are centered on one of the tokens they own. Said token can be on any map.
  • Map: Players are centered on a Map and (X,Y) coordinates specified by the GM.
  • Request GM: When a player joins, the GM gets a requests with options of where to center the player.
Installation: drag the Lib:StartView token to a map. Click on it, and click on "Setup Starting View" in the Selected tab to configurate it.

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Re: Start View Configuration

Post by digiacom »

Thank you so much. Immediately adding this to my game!
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