[PublishedModule] Tomb of Horrors 1E

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[PublishedModule] Tomb of Horrors 1E

Post by lmarkus001 »

We were looking for something light and fun during these lockdown times so I whipped together the AD&D (first edition)

Tomb of Horrors

https://www.dropbox.com/s/280zspmybmax3 ... cmpgn?dl=1

This campaign file was created in MapTool 1.6.1. It has VBL and tons of handouts. If you change the facing of the doors, the VBL will open up (this is NOT tied to fancy toggle actions with the BoT, it is just done by manually changing the facing of the door token.) This is only meant to be the virtual map as it has no monster token automation etc. The only macros in use are some basic Bag of Tricks for dice box, whisper, light source, and for the GM the fancy handout book. With this you can keep the area module info up and can send the handouts to your players.

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