Cypher System Framework

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Cypher System Framework

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I created a framework for the Cypher System by Monte Cook Games. It supports the base Cypher System (incl. Numenera), Gods of the Fall, Predation, and Unmasked. You can use it for The Strange, but you’d need a new PC Token for each Incursion.

Features include:
  • Interactive Character Sheet with options for one additional Pool (e.g. Luck), Lasting and Permanent Damage, and Power Shifts.
  • Dice Macros for stat rolls and generic d6, d10, d20, and d100 rolls. Quick stat rolls skip the difficulty modification.
  • Macros to quickly change states.
  • Interactive virtual table with different areas:
    • Grid Area: All players get ownership of all PC tokens, while only the GM has ownership of NPC tokens.
    • Organisational Area: Outside the grid, all players and the GM have ownership of all tokens. This is intended for images, handouts, maps.
    • Player Areas: There are four small pages intended as player areas. Each player has one page of XP tokens, temporary equipments, and Cyphers.
The general philosophy of the framework is to replicate what is available at a physical table. This includes that almost nothing gets automated in terms of paying point pools, receiving damage, or calculating Effort cost. This way, the framework is flexible enough to be used with house rules or rules variants. The aim with this is that if you can do it at the physical table with a paper character sheet, you can do it with this framework.

I host the framework on GitHub. This way the files are always up to date. You can issue feature requests or bug reports directly on GitHub.


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