Session #3 - Recap

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Session #3 - Recap

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In case anyone is is interested, here's a recap of recent events.

We negotiated with Nalshir (a dwarf merchant) for the release of a slave he was transporting: a woman named Tendaji. After we parted ways with Nalshir, Tendaji decided to accompany us to Falcon's Hollow.

In Falcon's Hollow, we met with Laurel (Natasha's mother). Laurel's cure for the Blackscour disease is missing 4 ingredients:
  • Scale from a Tatzlwyrm, a creature of the forest. After mentioning this, the recipe/poem continues, "But three more [ingredients] are harder to pick. Without a sword's help, don't attempt to seek [the ingredients below]."
  • Elderwood Moss would not be easy to loot. Look in the forest for the tree with the strongest root. (Laurel knows that location and tells us.)
  • For the Rat's Tail you must not come during sunlight. Careful, ha ha ha, getting it may cost you your sight. (Laurel's grandmother had to give her left eye to get the book with the recipe/poem from a witch in the forest. She tells us the location of the witch's hut.)
  • The Ironbloom mushroom the last of the salves can be found among the Halls of the Dwarves. (Laurel gives us the location of an old dwarven monastery near a mountain).
  • I sense that there may be one other important piece of information in the poem, but I can't put my finger on it. One thing that stands out is that darkwood leaf is one of the ingredients. There is a shortage of darkwood in Olfden; so maybe there's a connection. The only other oddity I noticed is a slash mark after the second-to-last line in the poem. But I'm not sure it means anything.

We found out that Wataxshyl, the copper dragon who has protected Olfden in the past, has been imprisoned by the corrupt government of Falcon's Hollow. Tendaji used her feminine wiles to persuade the guards to grant us a private meeting with Wataxshyl, who told us the following. An hour after arriving in Falcon's Hollow, Wataxshyl went to the Sitting Duck tavern to have some red wine. He believes the wine was drugged so as to make him lose control of his breath weapon, which caused him to ruin the tavern and kill a patron. He was promptly captured by wizards and guards from the town. He was then also accused (falsely) of poisoning the water and starting the Blackscour disease.

Wataxshyl is being held in the northeast compound for trial and execution. But for the trial to be valid, his accusers need an emissary from Olfden and a representative of dragonkind. Yesterday, a rider was dispatched to Olfden to bring back an emissary.

As for dragonkind, the two nearest dragons of sufficient age are a female green named Taxthyl, who lives south of here; and an ancient male red named Daralathyxl, who is the king of dragons in the region (he's probably over 2000 years old). Since Daralathyxl likes Wataxshyl and wouldn't be likely to let him be executed, Falcon's Hollow is most likely seeking Taxthyl.

Wataxshyl thinks there are two things that may help him. First, cure the Blackscour disease. That should help alleviate public opinion against him. Secondly, contact the red dragon Daralathyxl and let him know the situation. He may be willing to do something. There is a teleportation scroll in Wataxshyl's lair that will take one person (does this require the ability to use magic scrolls?) directly to Daralathyxl's lair. However, Daralathyxl is so cruel and arrogant that it might be tricky to convince him before he attacks.

Wataxshyl gave us directions to his own lair. It's about the same distance from here as Olfden, but not quite in the same direction.

Wataxshyl believes the embargo of red wine may have been set up specifically to lure him here to Falcon's Hollow. If true, it suggests an elaborate scheme whose true goals may endanger Olfden.

We told him we'd do everything we can.
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