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Framework(s) for D&D 5e.

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Re: Rod's D&D 5e Framework

Post by VagariesOfFate »

Hello all,

I'm in the process of compiling available resources (frameworks, content, tokens, etc) for MT in a central place and would like to link any repositories that have frameworks available, as well as host repos for any frameworks or content that needs a home.

I'll include links to anything (unless I get a complaint) but anything directly hosted in the compilation will need to be license compliant.

Rod's repo is linked and there are spaces for addon's, content and bits of code you'd like to share.

License compliance for this case is the SRD5 and other materials under OGL licensing. I have a couple of posts about it in Discord or you can reach out to me if you have questions about what that means.

so if there is anyone who can help me gather the repos and links, please let me know here or in the MT Discord server.

The repo is here ... nd-content

Thanks in advance.
RPG Nexus MapTools repository. Check it out and contribute now ... nd-content

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Re: Rod's D&D 5e Framework

Post by EFL_Bob »

I'm uncertain if this has been covered in this thread. It can be difficult to find certain topics with the number of replies, and I'll say from the start I have no real experience with JAVA or JSON files.

I ran into this error when attempting to pull up the character sheet for one of my players:
Unknown macro "Character".
Error trace : [email protected] <<< macroLink
All other players Character Sheet macros work and I'm not sure how to fix this error. The Statblock, Description and Spellcasting Macros all work for that player as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is on Framework 2.5.6 v1.8.3

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Re: Rod's D&D 5e Framework

Post by RedDog »

@rtakehara I tinkered with your framework yesterday and was totally blown away. It is just so impressive. I cannot believe the amount of content that is accessible as well as the ease of accessing it. Well done.

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Re: Rod's D&D 5e Framework

Post by Jmr3366 »

Other Monster Tokens compatible with this framework.

Over 700 top down tokens, more than 2100 normal tokens, from 23 reference materials
All Monsters, All Traps, All Hazards, All Siege Objects!Al6_vh5ZO29wbSFo2JY ... Y?e=B1OPKf

Best place for updates: ... 6165737513

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Re: Rod's D&D 5e Framework

Post by rtakehara »

Nikkor89 wrote:
Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:09 am

I used this kind of code for the races alternate features and it works but I can't integrate it right in the level up. (1)
Did you insert a token proprierty which contains the character total level? if so can you tell me it's name? (2)

Another "request" would be to have the unarmed strike always present in the attack tab since I've found out my party really likes to brawl :shock: (3)

Can you help me?
First of all, sorry for the more than 1 year delay, I've been quite inactive... if you see this, or if this is helpful to anyone:

1. that's tricky, because the level up wizard checks racial features only at level 1, at other levels it only checks class, the wizard is kind of a second thought so there is a lot that do not work. sorry :(

2. yes, the Lib:<character name> has a property called "TotalLevel"

3. you can create a custom weapon attack (although I know its not a weapon attack... but does it make any difference?) and set attack to "str", damage to 1+str and type to bludgeoning

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