MapTool not loading properly

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MapTool not loading properly

Post by StupidPanda »


Just been experimenting with program for a few weeks and had no problems.
But all of a sudden the program won't start.

I did a windows install.
Have tried a lot of what I found in other parts of the forum.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, including deleting JWrapper files.
Also reinstalled Java.

The weird thing is that in the Task Manager I can find Maptool running. But it won't show up for me.

Any ideas?

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Re: MapTool not loading properly

Post by aliasmask »

Delete the jwrapper file, remove java, restart computer, re-install maptool. You don't need to install java with because it comes with it. Make sure your settings for launcher are at 2048 for max mem, default min, 4 for stack. There's usually a popup on first run that says to exclude program, say yes.

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