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Post by adventuremagic123 »

I'll be releasing versions of my framework here (see the attachment below). I apologize for the lightweight nature of my postings.

The location of the source, user documentation, and where you can post issues (bugs or feature requests) is on GitHub.

This framework is under the OGL by WotC and the Paizo Inc. Community Use Policy Applicable to Non-Commercial Activity.

Paizo Inc. Community Use Policy Applicable to Non-Commercial Activity

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WotC has the OGL located at

Project Description

This project will be for managing a D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder 1e campaign in MapTool with features such as below, has been under nearly two years of development, and has been used by my group now for nearly the past two years:
  • Party Treasure management
  • Campaign management (view activity logs for each token so no more questions about how many spells or which spells were cast since last resting, how many arrows were used, how many charges were used, etc.)
  • Campaign Time tracking (you'll now be able to deal with complex issues such as PCs crafting while the party moves on to further adventures)
  • Automatic spell DC calculations
  • Spell management (complete for both prepared and spontaneous spell casters)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to understand macro layout
  • Resource tracking (equipment, ranged attacks, spells, special abilities, money, etc.)
  • New skills can be added by the GM (and they are automatically made available to all the tokens)
  • Adjustments due to conditions or spells cast for abilities, size, movement, saving throws, energy resistance, AC, attacks, skills, light sources, etc. are automatically applied and can be enabled/disabled outright or based on whether their duration is rounds, minutes, or hours.
  • Manage adjustments as reuseable templates for conditions, spells, and light sources.
  • "Character Sheet" makes reviewing PCs and NPCs easy -- can be used in conjunction with WinMerge to do a text-based comparison for the old token's sheet versus the new token's sheet.
  • "Player Token Editor.cmpgn" enables players to edit their tokens offline.
  • Characters can give each other equipment items.
  • Manage money.
  • Resting automatically restores spells, hit points, daily use items and special abilities, expires adjustments with a temporary duration, etc.
  • Import most PC and NPC details from Hero Lab(R).
  • And more ...
This framework has been used in regular game play by our group and enhanced periodically since December 2018 -- and might be easily modifiable to support other game systems such as PF2e, 5e, etc.

Hero Lab is a registered trademark of Lone Wolf Development.

Note: I forgot to release the "Player Token Editor.cmpgn". Will do that in the next release. You could make one yourself from the current release, but hang on and I'll give you one soon.

Note: This release can be used with 3.5 -- but it was developed for PF1e. So, for example, Hero Lab(R) can currently only be used with PF1e characters. I'm planning to add 3.5 support soon.

Here's a copy of the latest user documentation (you may have to click the "Download" button to see it).


All releases will now be published to GitHub -- so click that link and download all the files (you can download the whole thing as a zip file if you click the green "Code" button).

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Re: Releases

Post by adventuremagic123 »

Sorry, everyone. I am new to GitHub. I did not realize that I had not completed that last release. My family is still recovering from a complex situation created by the passing of my father-in-law and necessity of moving in my non-English speaking mother-in-law.

Finally, you should have something useable.

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