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Db help

Post by dantarith »

I see it has been awhile since people have been posting here so I hope I get a response :P

I am using Initiative tool 1.1.b10 for my 4e gaming sessions and I really like it but I had a couple of questions.

I currently have to add and build every encounter in the group editor which is not so hard as it is time consuming having to add every monster every time.
Also, doing it this way I cannot add the full monster card stats and have them display. The only way I get a full card is if I add a monster from the "Look up Combatants" button and as you know the monsters in the DB are very limited. Using UltraEdit it appears the file that contains these monsters are located in DND4E.data.db. It also appears that the file is locked, at least when I tried using SQLite Pro 2009. So I was wondering if there is a more recent monster db file somewhere? Are there any tools I can use to add monsters to the DB and/or can I get the key for the file so I can add my own?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Db help

Post by jay »

Right now, the only way to add them is by editing the text file that holds them. The Adopters: Game Settings File describes how to do this. You can just copy the monsters that are already in the file inittool/combatantLookup.rpdat. Their powers are in a file called property/database/monsterPower.rpdat. Both of these files are xml text files. After you've made the changes you can just zip the file and reload it. Your new monsters will show up in the database.

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