4e interactive sheet & utilities

Framework(s) for D&D 4e, including Veggiesama's.

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Re: 4e interactive sheet & utilities

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That would be a bit premature. I'm sure that a lot of people use and will continue to use the older version. As such, there will continue to be discussion on the topic.
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Re: 4e interactive sheet & utilities

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I can't seem to get implements to work with powers. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong. In the power, I keep the bonus empty, and I make sure the power is used through the main hand weapon. In the main hand I equip a magic weapon with +1 damage. I figured because the power has no bonus (aside from the Intelligence bonus) that it would be overwritten by the bonus the weapon provides.... but it doesn't work... wtf is going on here?

Here are the screenshots: http://imgur.com/1lpd9,xkVSd#1

Click next at the top left to scroll through the two images. Can someone please point out what I'm doing wrong?

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