How to be a Hero Framework V2.0

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How to be a Hero Framework V2.0

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Hi everybody ;) I worked for my pnp-group on a charsheet for HTBAH. It is not perfect, because currently you have to modify your char in the properties menu. But if you are done, you can play completly with the charsheet. Also hidden roles are included.

Feel free to update this version as you need it.

To make it run, you have to open the HTBAHv2.cmpgn file in MapTool. Then you can find the macros in the campaign macros. The ice-area token is the lib:function and is fundamental for the functions. Per double-click on a token you can fill the properties like in the examples "Atsuky" and "O'Drinkie". The images are not free, so please dont publish them.

Good Luck all of you heroes!
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Re: How to be a Hero Framework V2.0

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Is this for CharacterTool or MapTool?

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