Monster Handout for Players

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Monster Handout for Players

Post by Darelius »

So, i have a "small" problem:

Im creating several Monster Tokens for later use.

The Portrait the same, as the "Token" (because of the Chat Problem) and shows only the head.
The Handout is the large Picture of the creature.

So, Players cant use the Monster handout, as "portrait" to hover isnot an option, because the creatures are sometimes too big or complex for that type of view.

After some search for handouts, i didnt find a usable solution for me so far.

First Idea:
Is there a possibility to create a campaign makro, that shows the handout of the selected token?
(Players can use but not change the campaign makro)

Second Idea:
A makro on the monster, that broadcast a link to view the handout in the chat.

Third Idea:
Makro, that posts thje Handout directly in the chat, but some pictures are way to large, so that idea is bad, i guess.

Fourth Idea:
I have seen a "solution", that you have to select some players and then show them a handout by a makro or something like that.

What i CANNOT use, is a table, because 100 creature image would be way too much for that.

Any Ideas, especially for the first one (in my opinion the best)

Thanks for the help (and stay healthy!)


Cave Troll
Posts: 35
Joined: Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:04 pm

Re: Monster Handout for Players

Post by Darelius »

I fount a Soultion, that work (hopefully) for players!

Campaign Makro, that make a dialog with the selected token Handout!

Just calculating the dialog size for the image with max sizes ;)

Then i post the complete solution here.

So far: Campaign Makro!

Code: Select all

[h: KreaturenName=getName(getSelected())]
[h: getTokenWidth(KreaturenName)]
[dialog5("Dialog Test", "width=800; height=700; temporary=1; input=1; noframe=0"): {
<title>[r: KreaturenName]</title>
<img src='[r:getTokenHandout("",getSelected())]' width=800></img>
So all Pictures are forced to a width of 800 pixels and make their own height.
I would prefer a resize depending on their original sizte, but i dont find a way to get the size of an image other than the token :(


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