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Copy of MapTool WIKI

Post by bubblobill »

This is all the functions, roll options, special variables, categories, and miscellaneous other bits like some guides.
I had to do some very aggressive regex to get out all the content inserted by the Wayback Machine and the web-crawler which may have screwed up some stuff unintentionally. The links to other functions I tested all worked fine but no guarantees.
Has a simple (and ugly) page which lists all the available pages in a loose mock-up of the WIKI organisation. Clicking the MT icon on any page returns to the start page.
[edit]Updated with some more pages
Offline copy of WIKI bits
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Re: Copy of MapTool WIKI

Post by taustinoc »

Thanks to a somewhat outdated dump from Azhrei, I now have a more complete (but still not 100%) copy (that could stand a good deal of cleanup) at on a live wiki.

It's ugly as sin, there are still some missing pages, and most of what's there needs some cleanup, but it's there.

Craig is working, as time allows (and he's pretty busy) on getting it transferred over to GitHub (which should solve the technical problems that have come up more than once), but nobody, including Craig, knows how long that will take. In the meantime, if anyone is inclined to help clean this copy up, message me and we can get you a login as an editor.

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