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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by aliasmask »

This waw literally the first bit of code I wrote for MapTool and it's overly complicated which is one reason why I never updated it. It doesn't lend to easy updates.

PFSpellDescriptions table - is the list of all the spells and the related data. This index number is the ID of any particular spell. If you wanted to add a spell you would make a new entry here and then add the spell name to the 0 entry array.

PFSpellListIndex table - holds the list of spells where the 0 entry gives the name of the list. So, 1 is the Bard Class spell list. It's saved as a 2 dimensional array where index is the spell level, starting at level 0 spells. These lists holds the IDs of the spells in that list. So, if you were to add a spell, you would need to put the ID for that spell in to the various lists, which is the major pain. Actually, not all lists are 2 dimensional like the "Alpha" lists which start around ID 48, for "A".

Back in the day, I used SQL to generate these lists but it can be done inside MapTool as well. At the bare minimum, I would add the new spell to the one of the "Alpha" lists, spells by first letter. It won't be in order in the list, but at the end. You can use the config library to reset the cached info.. I would just turn off caching since computers are much faster and MT more efficient than it was 13 years ago.

The 3.5 tables are the same way.

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Re: 91.08 Pathfinder + D&D3.5 Framework

Post by Templar »

thank you for that.
I will work on what you have said and report on how I got along.

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