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AllCustoms's Simple 5e Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign

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Welcome to AllCustoms's Simple 5e Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign
This is my first post so tell me If I made any mistakes.
Starting out using Map tools as a DM, I needed a premade Campaign to get the hang of due to the complexity of creating your own campaign. So I thought that using this Framework which includes a campaign and a built-in 5e framework but it was all but smooth sailing. So I thought that to create a simple easy to use campaign I would have to port it over to a Simpler Framework like Melek's Simple 5e Framework.
Here is the Utility Map
Capture.PNG (534.79 KiB) Viewed 2838 times
Download Version 1.0:
This is a campaign file which can be opened in MapTool Latest Release.
- Download Newest Version

Detailed Installation Instructions:
- Download and install MapTool 1.5.14 or greater: Download Maptools Newest Version
- Download the campaign file above: Simple_5e_LMOP Newest Release
- Open MapTool, and select `File -> Open Campaign...`
- Choose the Simple 5e campaign file you downloaded in the file browser and click 'Open'
- Some help should automatically load the first time you open the campaign to get you started.

Included Addons:
- Bobifle's Drop-in 5e Monster. All the Basic Rules monsters and monsters given support for these tokens is built into the Simple5e campaign file.
- Merudo's 5e Spell Library. This addon requires MapTool 1.6.1+, and will give you instant access to nearly every 5e spell.
- Wolph42's 'Drop-in' Bag of MT Tricks. Gives a large amount of customization but most importantly this is used to create Teleport Pads. To move from Map to Map from the Utility Map
- Wolph42 Drop-in Name Generator. Name Generator to quickly generate for npc names.
- Macro Library of DnD 5e racial traits/skills. Self explanatory
- Rod's 'Drop-In' Markdown Notebook. Notebook for DM and Player Notes

Simple 5e LMOP V1.0 Framework features:
• 5e Lost Mines Of Phandelver Campaign Maps
• Bag Of Tricks Using Teleport Pads to move Tokens from Map to Map
• Enemies appropriately placed on the Map all of which can easily be used by DM through Token Macros
• Fully playable NPC all with Macro Sets
• AOE Macro that creates Spell Overlay's
• Treasure Reminders tell you what players can find if they search in a room.
• Working Vision Occlusion

Simple 5e V2.0 Framework features:
• Configure Token lets you set a token's name/race/class, hit dice, attributes, proficiency, and AC/HP. This macro directly calls the 'Tweak Token' and 'Validate Token' macros to reduce redundancy and show how to use the macro roll option.
• Tweak Token lets you quickly adjust oft-changed attributes like AC, HP, Speed, and a few others.
• Validate Token helps reset defaults on tokens to make sure they work with the token macros.
• Create Action let you create either paired macros (for separated attack and damage rolls) or single actions on a wide button. These actions will be sorted and colour-coded by action type (Action/Bonus Action/Reaction).
• Custom Counters can track spells, ability use, ammo, and more. They work with the Create Action and Sheet macros to provide quick and easy tracking, a lot like manual counters when playing face to face. The system uses JSON, but is very automated and optional and can be ignored.
• NPC Damage, Healing, and Initiative macros which work on selected NPC tokens.
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Re: AllCustoms's Simple 5e Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign

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wolph42 wrote:
Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:27 pm
thank you for sharing! Are you by any chance also active on discord? Helps to inform the rest of the community as well!
Yeah Discord Name is AllCustoms

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Re: AllCustoms's Simple 5e Lost Mines of Phandelver Campaign

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Is your community on discord still active?
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