Instant and delayed notification

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Instant and delayed notification

Post by Benz72 »

Sorry if this is a well-worn topic, but is there a way to set up IT to play sounds or flash the screen when a player receives initiative or when a set time has elapsed (30 sec?) after receiving initiative with no action?


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Re: Instant and delayed notification

Post by jay »

Are you talking about InitTool or the initiative support in MapTool?

IT has a timer on it that can make a sound, but it isn't connected to MT so there isn't a way to tell if the player has done anything.

MT does inform the user, but I don't know if you can get it to flash or make a sound....

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Re: Instant and delayed notification

Post by wolph42 »

MT does have timer function through [wfunc]getInfo[/wfunc], you could use that. As for flashing the screen... You could create an overlay on the background and hide that for the players and show it shortly after 30s. Bit of a hassle though. You could also just print a msg in the chat, that will also create a sound 'pling'.

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