New Hitpoint Meters / Bars

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New Hitpoint Meters / Bars

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I really liked the hitpoint meter that aliasmask made:

I wanted to tweak them a bit and mess around with the color scheme. So I made these:

Fading Arc health bars
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Here is a screenshot:

example.jpg (183.53 KiB) Viewed 3806 times

I named the file names the same as aliasmask named his in order to make it easier to setup for anyone that wanted to use these.

Damage is represented by an empty "box".

Temp hitpoints are green and the meter is not divided into sections.

The red meter represents negative hitpoint damage.

Non-lethal damage is represented by white-gray. I wanted it to be similar to looking like the empty box (damage) so it looks like the box is emptying from both sides (with Non-lethal being a slightly different shade).

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